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February 11, 2016
Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong


Campaign Asia Pacific would like to thank all those who were involved in making the 3rd Annual Media360Summit such a tremendous success.  The event took place on February 12th at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. 250 media leaders from across the globe including countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and others gathered for a full day of thought-provoking sessions on the business of media from a global perspective.

We had over 30 world-class speakers on this year’s agenda. They challenged, debated and shared their insights and ideas. Over the course of the day, delegates heard from companies that are competitors and collaborators, digital and corporate giants such as Tencent and Unilever, as well as young and agile start-ups. As they discussed the issues that matter on stage, the conversations were continued in lively Q&A sessions which ultimately helped us better define and enhance the business of media.

The business of media never sleeps, and so we are already preparing for next year’s event.  If you would like to be involved in this process please do reach out to us on the contact details provided.


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Your couch. It is mine.

Your couch. It is mine.

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High - powered event for both content and networking with the industry.
I believe the Media360 Festival showcases the best, most senior talent the Industry has to offer. The speakers are of the highest caliber, the topics and content well thought out and the audience engaged and interactive. I look forward to participating in future years.
Accenture Interactive – Media Management
Media360 not only got to the heart of the important issues that affect our business today but more importantly, the true value of this event came from uncovering the insights which can be used to help shape our future.

Media360Summit is the premiere gathering place for media and advertising technology executives looking to keep tabs on key emerging trends and developments

Rocket Fuel

With the perfect blend of brands, agencies and media owners, Media360Summit proved to be an integral industry event at which to discuss the business of media.

Media360Asia provides a wonderful snapshot of what’s hot in Asia, and enables speedy networking. Great event!
Well paced with quality speakers and opportunities to network
Keeping up to date with trends and sharing insights on best practices.
Great speakers, good organization, venue and good for networking.
Air Asia
Excellent quality of attendees.
Havas Media Ortega
Content format is very engaging this year, lots of new faces.
Collection of senior media executives and a recognition of the business of media.

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Q&A with Google's Karim Temsamani

How do you feel the industry is positioned, ready to head into 2015?
Our industry is in constant evolution. Users started moving from desktop to smartphones a few years ago. Mobile messaging is now poised to overtake social networks in the next year. And Asia is now becoming the center of the world, both from a user and innovation perspective. I don’t think it’s worth thinking about how you are positioned any longer, but rather how quickly you can adapt to the changing consumer landscape....

Interview with Geoff Seeley, Global Communications and Planning Director, Unilever.

As the brand who created one of the most iconic content marketing initiatives, with the Dove Real Beauty “sketches” campaign has it been a daunting process to try and step up from here?

We have always held ambitions to unlock the magic of our brands through iconic marketing and it’s not just Dove Sketches that had the wide acclaim - there are several brands that are doing great work. 2014 saw Unilever as the most awarded advertiser at Cannes, the most effective advertiser with EFFIE...

DataXu Q&A Thought Leader Interview

Where should programmatic buying sit in the wider marketing plan for your clients?
Programmatic marketing has evolved so much from even 2 years ago, when RTB was synonymous with remnant inventory. Now, the technology and advances associated with programmatic have made it a core strategic aspect of any digital marketing plan......


If you would like to discuss the content from this year, or make a submission for the 2016 event please contact iain.bell@haymarket.asia 


Invitations for the third annual Media360Summit were hand-picked to ensure a high-level audience whose attendance is imperative in the shaping of Asia’s burgeoning media industry. Attendees included a combination of two hundred and fifty global CEOs, regional heads and strategic directors from leading media agencies and media owners, complemented by heads of media, CMOs and marketing directors from top regional and international brands.


For more information, please contact:
Iain Bell
Senior Conference Producer
Direct: +852 2122 5234
Email: iain.bell@haymarket.asia
For sponsorship enquiries, please contact:
Nicholas Chan
Head of Revenue - Campaign & PRWeek Asia
Direct: +852 3118 1500
Email: nicholas.chan@haymarket.asia