February 12, 2015
Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong


Campaign Asia-Pacific is pleased to announce the Media360Summit will take place in Hong Kong on February 12, 2015. Now in its third year, this premier conference, designed specifically for the media industry, focuses on the ever-evolving nature of the industry as it continues to change pace and complexity.

This closed door, invite-only event will feature over 300 senior decision makers comprising brand marketers, consultants, and leading global media and agency executives. Last year’s speakers included WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell, Bloomberg’s Andy Lack, GroupM’s Dominic Proctor, ZenithOptimedia’s Steve King and Mondelez International’s Bonin Bough.

This one-day summit offers attendees a chance to hear, challenge and interact with over 30 of the industry’s most influential figures on the business of media. Topics on the table include the keys to talent procurement, new media models, maximising mobile’s monetisation capability and the future of technology.

The format of this event ensures that attendees meet with and discuss the future of the industry with leading influencers from the world’s biggest brands, marketing and media agencies.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Media360Summit.


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Your couch. It is mine.

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High - powered event for both content and networking with the industry.
I believe the Media360 Festival showcases the best, most senior talent the Industry has to offer. The speakers are of the highest caliber, the topics and content well thought out and the audience engaged and interactive. I look forward to participating in future years.
Accenture Interactive – Media Management
Media360 not only got to the heart of the important issues that affect our business today but more importantly, the true value of this event came from uncovering the insights which can be used to help shape our future.
Media360Asia provides a wonderful snapshot of what’s hot in Asia, and enables speedy networking. Great event!
Well paced with quality speakers and opportunities to network
Keeping up to date with trends and sharing insights on best practices.
Great speakers, good organization, venue and good for networking.
Air Asia
Excellent quality of attendees.
Havas Media Ortega
Content format is very engaging this year, lots of new faces.
Collection of senior media executives and a recognition of the business of media.

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Q&A with Google's Karim Temsamani

How do you feel the industry is positioned, ready to head into 2015?
Our industry is in constant evolution. Users started moving from desktop to smartphones a few years ago. Mobile messaging is now poised to overtake social networks in the next year. And Asia is now becoming the center of the world, both from a user and innovation perspective. I don’t think it’s worth thinking about how you are positioned any longer, but rather how quickly you can adapt to the changing consumer landscape....

Interview with Geoff Seeley, Global Communications and Planning Director, Unilever.

As the brand who created one of the most iconic content marketing initiatives, with the Dove Real Beauty “sketches” campaign has it been a daunting process to try and step up from here?

We have always held ambitions to unlock the magic of our brands through iconic marketing and it’s not just Dove Sketches that had the wide acclaim - there are several brands that are doing great work. 2014 saw Unilever as the most awarded advertiser at Cannes, the most effective advertiser with EFFIE...

DataXu Q&A Thought Leader Interview

Where should programmatic buying sit in the wider marketing plan for your clients?
Programmatic marketing has evolved so much from even 2 years ago, when RTB was synonymous with remnant inventory. Now, the technology and advances associated with programmatic have made it a core strategic aspect of any digital marketing plan......


08:45 Welcome Address

Atifa Silk, Brand Director, Campaign Asia Pacific
09:00 Opening Keynote interview

Mike Cooper, CEO, PHD
Michael Kassan, CEO, MediaLink

Ros Atkins, Presenter, BBC World News and BBC World Service
09:30 advertising revenue comes from mobile usage, and it has recently introduced tools that allow advertisers to coordinate their messaging with TV and tailor tweet targeting based on internet searches. In China, Tencent's WeChat continues to move from strength to strength, recently having become a commerce platform in its own right. What can each can learn from the other, and where are the similarities and differences in their future business models?

Interview with:
Steven Chang, Corporate Vice President, Tencent
Parminder Singh, Managing Director- SEA, India, MENA, Twitter.

Marcel Fenez, Global Leader, Entertainment & Media, PwC
10:15 Harmonious RTB
How can media owners use RTB more effectively? How can the industry ensure buyers and sellers both benefit consistently from this technology? This session will look at how programmatic is changing the game for brands, for example by synchronising media placements to hold people's attention as they move between screens. It will also explore why publishers have yet to fully embrace programmatic, with some claiming that their income has been negatively affected by RTB. In order for RTB to really take off, this perception needs to be remedied and opportunities understood. Programmatic's involvement in the area of content recommendation, for example, is helping publishers to monetise more than they could before — but that might not be immediately apparent.

Michel de Rijk, CEO, Asia Pacific, Xaxis
Mark Prior, VP of International, Rocket Fuel
Elle Von Dierer, Senior Director Procurement, Consumer Asia Pacific and Integrated Marketing, Johnson and Johnson
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL
12:15 Agency Heads Debate: What's Next for the Business of Media
How is the media industry evolving to better serve clients’ business outcomes? Agency heads debate the greater focus on the full consumer journey, from the user experience and to how media agencies are instigating new approaches to paid, owned and earned media. Insights into growth areas such as data, technology and ecommerce and what, how and where is the talent to implement these new focus areas. To what extent can a brand really take control through in-house ‘command centres’, and what issues does this raise? Where do we draw lines between partners versus vendors? What are we doing to challenge the role of agencies as suppliers and the rise of procurement?

Gerry Boyle, Global Managing Partner and Chairman of Asia Pacific, ZenithOptimedia
Mainardo de Nardis, CEO, OMD
Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO, Havas Media

Moderated by:
Shufen Goh, Principal and Co Founder, R3
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Putting Data to Work
There have been endless discussions around data in recent years, but discussion and data alone do not yield results. Only now are we finally starting to see brands use the mass of data at their disposal to achieve real discernible business outcomes. Most importantly, the marketers that use data intelligently have an opportunity to raise marketing's position and give it a seat at the top table. Here, we will cut through the academic discourses to look at how marketers are using consumer data gathered through media to drive revenue for their companies.

Bret Leece, Chief Analytics Officer, Initiative Global
Rahul Vasudev, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, MediaMath
Martin Verdon-Roe, Vice President of Global Display Sales, TripAdvisor

Moderated By:
Adam Anger, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Microsoft Advertising
14:45 Moderated by:
Hannah Blake, Programme Manager, BBC Worldwide Labs
15:30 Winning Talent: Culture, Compensation, Communication
Attracting and retaining key talent depends on creating a culture with a compelling sense of purpose and mission, rich in opportunity for learning and developing skills, and an upside in the success of the venture. Today key talent can easily migrate across platforms and business models so engendering connection and loyalty and motivating key talent requires a compensation package that is competitive with alternate business models that appear to offer more. You need to better comprehend and communicate what you offer and to evaluate the increasing trend to poisoning the relationship at the outset with excessive ‘non-compete’ restrictions on career development. For your own career choices and for your company's survival in the cross-business competition for key talent, you need to comprehend the very different long term incentives — phantom equity, options, restricted stock and deferred compensation — in the context of start-ups, closely held companies and established public companies, and you need to carefully weigh the value and cost of the increasing trend to force talent to stay by imposing career ending shackles instead of creating a culture of opportunity and purpose. The presentation will increase your understanding of how key talent can compare working for start-ups, content companies, consultants, and established marketing services companies, and how you can better attract and retain key talent.

Rick Kurnit, Partner Advertising, Marketing, IP and Employment, Frankfurt Kurnit
16:15 Coffee Break
16:45 Keynote presentation: Turning Talent Into Rockstars

In today’s new talent economy, high-potential talent is instinctively drawn to the world of startups and Internet giants, where the individual is king and creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit rule. Top talent rejects established companies where they feel there’s little opportunity to shine or affect change. At the same time, the talent pool is shrinking, making it harder for companies to hire their way to the future. How do we adapt to this new environment? In this talk, Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International, will discuss why it’s critical for large companies to start turning their own talent into rockstars in order to compete.

Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez
17:15 Content as a business driver

Content marketing is here to stay, and the industry largely agrees that this is a good thing. What it fails to agree on, however, is how to use content strategically. In many cases, its rise has given marketers license to indulge themselves in pursuits that aren’t necessarily in line with brand or business objectives. In short, brands have more freedom to reach people through entertainment and information than they ever have before, and they continue to experiment. The question is, what results are their efforts having in real business terms? The session will examine the current state of content marketing from the perspective of money and achieving strategic goals. Learn about content creation through YouTube Star Ryan Higa and the phenomenon of YouTube celebrities, with which more and more brands are now aligning themselves. What are the data challenges and opportunities surrounding these? What is the next development on the horizon?
Dominic Good, Global Sales Director, Financial Times
Ryan Higa, YouTube Star
Geoff Seeley, Global Communications and Planning Director, Unilever
Karim Temsamani, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Google

Moderated By:
Angie Lau, Anchor, Bloomberg
18:00 Closing Remarks


Invitations for the third annual Media360Summit will be hand-picked to ensure a high-level audience whose attendance is imperative in the shaping of Asia’s burgeoning media industry. Attendees will include a combination of three hundred global CEOs, regional heads and strategic directors from leading media agencies and media owners from across the region, complemented by heads of media, CMOs and marketing directors from top regional and international brands.


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