Emerging Asia Agenda

8:15 am
Registration and networking

9:00 - 9:05 am
Welcome Address

Welcome address by Campaign, and a brief introduction of the format of the conference

9:05 - 9:35 am
Emerging Asia: Where we play

From being an after-thought for most multi-national agency networks to emerging as the region to ‘look out for’, SE Asia’s media industry is fast playing catch up. Challenges are immense from artificial cost cutting, to limited media options and talent.
A panel of experts from the region takes stock of the present challenges and the opportunities going ahead.

Clint Easthorpe
Mango Media, Myanmar
Anthony Keck
Managing Director & Head of Cambodia
Havas Riverorchid, Cambodia
Anand Krishnan
Managing Director
Mediacom, Vietnam
Uyen Pham
Regional Marketing Manager
Coco-Cola South East Asia
Sandip Roy
Executive Planning Director
Dentsu Vietnam, Vietnam
9:35 - 10:10am
Client-Agency Relationships: ‘Don’t go to the bed angry!’

The marriage between media agencies and their clients seem to be on the cusp of the break-up with promiscuous relationships, talks of transparency and demands of lower media costs driven by procurement. A fireside chat with a client and agency head to find a common meeting ground.

Arup Bansal
Managing Director
MEC, Vietnam
Satyajit Ghosh
Managing Director & Business Partner
10:10 - 10:45 am
Digital debate: 10 years hence… or even 5!

Top clients and agency heads take a long-term view of digital and its impact on business. In emerging markets, digital properties need to differentiate themselves and yet exhibit the same qualities to advertisers as television and then offer a comparable measurement system if there is any hope for capturing market share.

In a panel discussion, clients and agencies discuss what are the roadblocks that are preventing clients from embracing and investing further in digital?

Manoj Damodaran
Head of digital
MEC Indonesia
Kishankumar Shyamalam
Managing Director
Maxus Vietnam
Nguyễn Khoa Hồng Thành
Operations Director
Isobar, Vietnam
Mark Voncken
Consumer Marketing Director
Friesland Campina Vietnam
10:45 - 11:00 am
Networking coffee break

11:00 - 11:30 am
Talent: Hard to find… harder to keep!

A keynote about the need to nurture talent that can decipher the new data-driven landscape of the media and then find ways to plug the bleed to deep-pocketed technology majors.

Trinh Viet Anh
Marketing Director
Pepsi Vietnam
Le Ho My Duyen
Marketing Director
Huy Quan
Head of Interactive
11:30am - 12:30pm
Quick fire topic presentations and pitching on stage

Join agency heads as they facilitate presentations and pitches on the following topics:

1) Measurement
- Tran Thi Thanh Mai, KANTAR From the passe research methodologies surrounding typical media discussions to new metrics, such as view-ability and ad frauds permeating every marketer’s conversation, measurement is a top industry issue. Amidst a wave of change is happening in this part of the world — as well as the chaos and uncertainties — what are the industry’s measurement needs, and solutions, for the future?

2) Programmatic Although programmatic is picking up pace and adoption is growing, most marketers are just scratching the surface. How will data decision-ing, predictive modelling, data-driven real time creatives and mobile first programmatic strategy bring next impetus of growth in programmatic?

3) Mobile
2017 is expected to be the ‘year of mobile’ in emerging Asia as big platform players, including Google and Facebook, drive the agenda, optimising algorithm to maximise presence. But while more advertisers are expected to get into mobile space, what will it take for media conversations to start with mobile first solutions?

4) E-commerce
E-commerce is growing rapidly but also ridden with challenges. While smartphones are changing the rules of the retail game, mistrust about online transactions, limited third-party vendors and basic IT infrastructure are some issues the key players need to deal with. What are the early learnings and successes in the e-commerce landscape?

Saurav Bhowmik
Group CEO
DatVietVAC Group Holdings
Tarun Dhawan
Managing Director
MoBlaze, Vietnam
Le Xuan Long
Animesh Kumar
Head of Digital
Mindshare, Vietnam
Tran Thi Thanh Mai
General Director
Kantar Media Vietnam
Miloni Patel
Strategy Director
Mindshare Vietnam
Avinash Saxena
Head of Digital
DatViet VAC GroupHoldings
Gurpreet Wadhwa
Head of Digital
MEC, Vietnam
12:40pm - 1:20pm
Lunch and sign up for break-out discussions

Over lunch delegates register for one of the four round table discussions

1:15 - 3:00 pm
Break-out discussions

Group discussions are set up with each group briefed to discuss topics based on:

Goal: See the challenge/s
Action: Led by the respective facilitators the four teams share ideas and collaborate, gearing towards presenting challenges, solutions and examples later in the evening.

3:00 - 3:20 pm
Idea exchange and coffee break

3:20 - 4:00 pm
Prepare final presentations

4:00 - 5:20 pm
Presentations by moderators and team members

Moderators/team members have 20 minutes each to present their final presentations.

5:20 pm
Event wrap up