April 23, 2018
Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

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Indonesia is fast discarding its tag of being a “literal” media market where the age-old time-tested formulae of creating 30-second ads and placing them on television was enough for clients and agencies to reap profits, till very recently.

Given the country’s meteoric growth in Internet adoption and engagement, powered by smartphones, the winds of disruption have swept across the archipelago and changed the face of media business like everywhere else.

As clients demand newly bundled support across commerce, digital content and media distribution, Media360Indonesia 2018 brings together industry leaders to address the most pressing issues impacting brands such as the changing face of the media agency, digital swamp, new technology, programmatic opportunities, winning moves of local brands, influencer marketing and what is it that CMOs want in the coming year.

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Registration and networking

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Welcome Address

Welcome address by Campaign, and a brief introduction of the format of the conference

Press reset: ‘Where we play!’

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, ad frauds and accountability… and this is just the letter “A”. New vocabulary every person in the media industry needs to learn… and fast. And then there is an added complexity of digital changing the Indonesian consumer at a pace that is difficult to match. Sameness and playing it safe is no longer an option.

Industry experts take a long-term view of changing face of Indonesian consumers and media agencies with advent of digital and technology and discuss some issues that can no longer be ignored.

Keynote: Indonesia - It ain't as easy as it looks!

Think Tank: Viewability

What is the dictionary definition of viewability? With growing awareness that almost half of the display advertisements never reached the human eye has thrown the industry into a tizzy and has made marketers even more suspicious about their digital spends. Who decides how much is enough? What role do publishers play? And most importantly what about user experience?

An interactive session where the segment expert will list out key challenges facing the industry and where they will raise pertinent questions to the audience seeking insights and solutions to pressing issues.

Morning refreshments and networking

Think Tank: Programmatic

Programmatic advertising – the art of buying advertising space in real time – is rapidly changing the face of marketing and media buying. Although it is picking up pace, and adoption is growing, most marketers are just scratching the surface. A review of the basics, from the revolution in how we consume media, to the mechanics of Real-Time Bidding (RTP); targeted marketing; and omni-channel strategies. Finally, for Indonesia, how will the programmatic future play out?

An interactive session where the segment expert will list out key challenges facing the industry and where they will raise pertinent questions to the audience seeking insights and solutions to pressing issues

Client-Agency Relationships: ‘Don’t go to the bed angry!’

The marriage between media agencies and their clients seem to be on the cusp of a break-up. This session will look at the key pain points faced from both sides of the relationship such as procurement, accountability, transparency and discuss solutions and outcomes on how to save the relationship and gaze into the crystal ball to find out how the agencies will look like 10 years from now.

Moderated by a neutral party, clients and agencies sit together to come up with solutions.


“Marriage Counseling”: The rise of consultants

Over the last few years the intermediaries have proliferated and from one-man shows have become large-scale networks. The industry is peppered with various skill sets ranging from cost benchmarking to relationship counseling. Marketers are obviously seeing value of consulting and as the services become more diversified, they are looking to become permanent fixtures in most agency-client dialogues. However, not all media agencies see merit in having a third party negotiator.

A panel discussion amongst consultants, media agencies and clients to iron out the creases and find a win-win for all parties.

Measurement: What really matters?

GRPs, OTS, CPM, CTR, impressions, clicks and views. These are just some of the many measurement systems advertisers and their media agencies are faced with when allocating media spends. As the ecosystem gets even more complex and the consumer’s attention span shorter, we need to sit back and understand what do these truly translate into? Considering business growth is the ultimate aim of every advertiser, how do their agency partners need to evolve to deliver what matters most to them?

A panel discussion between a research agency, media agency and a client.

Networking coffee

Future of retail: “Direct to consumers”

eCommerce has become a part of every Indonesian’s lifestyle as digital start-ups have taught people to shop and even order transportation online. The number of Indonesian Internet users in 2016 reached 132.7 million from a total population of 256.2 million. The number of smartphone users in the country in the same period reached 63.1 million. While traditional brick and mortar companies need to re-think their strategies on an “urgent” mode, even FMCGs cannot turn a blind eye to this fast growing consumer segment. Brands need to prepare for rapid change or risk getting swamped.

A panel discussion with a traditional retailer, e-Commerce players, a client and a media agency on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

“TELEVISION, or not”: Media planners conundrum

Television ain’t going anywhere in a rush, not in Indonesia for a long time. Despite the hype of digital, almost 70% of the spends are still on television. It is the only organized sector and one that promises reach into the hinter-lands of Indonesia. That said, the clutter is immense and differentiation a novelty. And then there is this younger-in- mindset generation, constantly seeking to experiment, to be seen, be noticed, be heard and willing to experiment. They are emerging as digital natives who are consuming content on multiple platforms.

Do TV owners need to reinvent themselves? Do media agencies need to re-look at the way they plan and buy TV? And what are the consequences if they don’t?

A panel discussion with key stakeholders to discuss the future of TV in Indonesia.

TALENT: “Math-men vs Mad-men”

In the era of programmatic buying, the most coveted talent is the one that can crunch numbers, decipher data and is analytics savvy. Does that spell doom to careers of those with dominant ride-side brains? Also, a discussion on challenges of managing a heterogenous work force and the drain to tech majors.

Math wizzes, creative personnel, a head-hunter and media agency heads discuss the right talent-mix for the future.  

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Closing remarks

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