April 23, 2018
Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

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Indonesia is fast discarding its tag of being a “literal” media market where the age-old time-tested formulae of creating 30-second ads and placing them on television was enough for clients and agencies to reap profits, till very recently.

Given the country’s meteoric growth in Internet adoption and engagement, powered by smartphones, the winds of disruption have swept across the archipelago and changed the face of media business like everywhere else.

As clients demand newly bundled support across commerce, digital content and media distribution, Media360Indonesia 2018 brings together industry leaders to address the most pressing issues impacting brands such as the changing face of the media agency, digital swamp, new technology, programmatic opportunities, winning moves of local brands, influencer marketing and what is it that CMOs want in the coming year.


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Campaign's opening remarks

Welcome address by Campaign, and a brief introduction to the conference

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Tough times, tough choices: Marketer’s dilemma

Digital video. Social media. Native advertising. Programmatic. In-app advertising. Today’s marketer has more options to reach his target audience than ever before. And yet, it has never been more difficult to earn the attention and engagement of that user. And then there is the questionable reliability of the digital media and resurging importance of ‘reach’.

A fireside chat between an FMCG major and a media agency head to come up with ways and means and permutations and combinations to get the maximum bang for the buck.

Is “Rebundling” the new black?

In these times of immense media complexities and, thus, confusion, clients are increasingly calling for a one-stop-shop that can manage all the diverse media options of today and any that may crop up tomorrow as well as creative, date, programmatic, etc. While it may sound simple, is it even possible to put the toothpaste back into the tube? And if it isn’t, what other options do media agencies have in face of stiff competition from new and unfamiliar forces.

This panel looks at the future of media agencies in Indonesia and discuss if rebundling is the only way forward.

Keynote: Future-gazing… 2018 Media predictions

Jahanzeb Naseer, Head of Indonesia Research, PT Credit Suisse Securities looks beyond the rate-card led industry numbers to explore the state of Indonesian media industry and give a peek into where the advertising dollar is expected to go in the coming year.

Is digital advertising really a “swamp”?

According to Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Officer at Unilever, tech companies are to blame for creating a "swamp" in which fake news and criminal content are being circulated. Brands like Unilever have demanded the tech giants to drain the “swamp” or lose advertising. The lack of transparency has continued to challenge the whole industry.

This panel discussion explores Indonesia’s overall media quality and why transparency is the key to clean up the supply chain.

Morning refreshments and networking

Under the influence: Who, Where, When, How?

In a ‘collective’ society as Indonesia, key opinion leaders (KOLs) have always mattered. Brands traditionally used celebrity endorsers and now with the explosion of social media have ‘influencers’ spreading the good word. Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in the last few years to the point that it has become a category. It is also turning out to be one of the biggest challenges for marketers. The process of finding the right influencer can be a tricky one, though—getting them to create content for you can be even trickier. And then there is measurement, brand alignment, fraud, etc.

This panel takes stock of different types of KOLs in Indonesia and what are the major priorities and opportunities for marketers today in scaling influencer programmes.

2018 technology trends: Reshaping Indonesian lives

There is an increasing infusion of technology in the daily lives of Indonesian consumers, which in turn is unlocking new potential for brands to interact with their consumers. Indonesia is a chat-infatuated nation. And it has recently found the joy of online retail. Both messaging apps and eCommerce is seeing double-digit growth in Indonesia. There is something happening on all fronts: news, sports, entertainment, politics and social movements and technology is at the centre of it all.

This panel looks at how marketers in Indonesia are piggybacking onto new and path breaking digital innovations and practices and what these new revenue streams mean for media agencies?


Programmatic – Too good to refuse

2017 wasn’t a great year for programmatic in terms of PR owing to industry concerns around transparency and the "murky" media supply chain. But despite issues, clients do generally see the benefits and are willing to increase their digital ad budgets in programmatic in 2018. But that doesn’t mean they can’t take action to improve the ecosystem in which they operate.

A fireside chat to discuss how to make programmatic transparent and really tap into the opportunities it promises.

What do marketers want from agency partners in 2018?

There is no denying that clients are fighting their own battles. Most retailers and consumer-goods companies have seen profits slide as consumer shopping and eating habits change. With increased spends on data plans and services that enhance a personal sense of well-being, the space for necessities in the basket is shrinking. Besides the tough business headwinds, new technologies and pressures to change quickly aren’t making it any easier. Now, more than ever, clients need ‘partners’ to help them navigate this maze of RoIs, effectiveness, inhouse or not.

This panel brings together CMOs and agency partners to come up with a list of things to push for in the coming year.

Afternoon refreshments and networking


Hemant Bakshi, CEO, Unilever Indonesia talks about disruption in the industry led by technology and what can be done to continue winning in this new era.

Indie brands: Disturbing the food chain

Indonesian consumers take pride in using local brands and believe they provide better value for money. On their part local brands do have a ‘second-nature’ knowledge of Indonesian consumers. Piggybacking on the trust and price equity, many new Indie brands are also embracing technology in a big way, some of them devising strategies that are “social” only.

This panel looks at how some disruptor brands are finding "new ways" to challenge the established brands in Indonesia.

Myth or reality: Unconscious gender bias

There is a general perception that women in the Indonesian media industry enjoy greater gender equality. And that harassment, gender-related, is really a non issue. But today when women across the globe are raising their voices about everything they couldn’t so far, we would be an “ostrich” to not even ask the question. It is specially relevant in the industry that is rapidly embracing technology, commonly said to be a male domain.

The panel brings together women in leadership roles to talk about biases they faced while climbing up the corporate ladder and what they themselves are doing to ensure a safe and an equal environment at their workplaces.

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